Aircraft Management

Your Aircraft Is An Asset. Wing Aviation will Manage It Like One.

Aircraft ownership should simplify your business and personal aircraft transportation, not complicate it. Wing Aviation is not a typical “aircraft management” company. We are aviation asset managers, where our decision making is founded in long-term value preservation of your aircraft and years of experience working with large corporate flight departments, companies and individual aircraft owners. The Wing Aviation team of seasoned professionals includes talent assembled from the best in the private aviation industry. We have managed a number of aviation assets including, aircraft, 135 and 121 air carriers and several fixed base operations. Our leadership team has over 75 combined years of experience in business aviation.

Unless your company is operating multiple aircraft it’s impossible to take advantage of the cost benefits of a fleet operator. Fleet discounts in aircraft insurance, crew training and parts just to name a few cannot be achieved without a high level of experience, proven fleet management and a highly respected name in the industry. The savings and the expanded coverage’s that we can provide will reduce your cost of ownership and provide you with a wider range of insurance coverage, better pricing in parts, training and maintenance.

We manage everything including scheduling, aircraft operations, administrative and reporting needs, maintenance scheduling all of which cost less than one full time employee. Wing Aviation offers the following services or any combination thereof, depending on the aircraft owner’s needs. We welcome current and new aircraft owners who may already have their own flight crews to consider working with us for other benefits and ancillary support services . Large national companies charge significantly more for the same services we provide while employing a higher of personalized service.

Transparency = Trust

We believe in transparency. Wing Aviation earns money from aircraft management clients only through management fees and charter commissions. There are zero markups on anything. Every penny of our proven procurement strategy is passed onto our aircraft owners without markup.  To be clear – we do not mark up pilot training, fuel, third party maintenance, aircraft insurance or anything else we procure on behalf of our aircraft management clients.

It’s All In The Numbers

So how can you tell if we are managing your aircraft asset for long-term value preservation? We share intelligent data with our aircraft owners every month that provides insights that no other company provides, including:

  • Operating cost per owner hour – with and without charter revenue, so you know the bottom-line charter contribution per flight hour and how it reduces your cost of flying.
  • Fuel pricing and consumption – see economy of scale fuel pricing in real dollars and cents while also knowing how economically your aircraft is being operated.
  • Maintenance costs per hour and 90-day forecasting – you will always be informed well in advance of upcoming maintenance inspections, downtime, and the exact cost of all maintenance per hour.
  • Aircraft Insurance Benefits – Our expanded coverages and our management of downtime allowances make sure you get all of the benefits from our insurance providers and pass that back to you.
  • Aircraft warranties and programs – many “management” companies do not maximize the use of warranty coverage to keep your cost of maintenance as low as possible. We track every aspect of every warranty item and maintenance program to maximize the benefits and reduce your cost of ownership.
  • Flight time / cycles – this critical item is often overlooked when planning daily flight segments. The fine print of your engine or maintenance program contains provisions for minimum flight hour-to-cycle ratios. These are tracked to minimize your risk of financial penalties from the OEM or service provider.
  • Charter hours vs. goal – we work with you to develop an annual budget that includes charter hours and revenue. You will know exactly how we perform to that budget.
  • Daily aircraft utilization – you’ll know exactly what your aircraft did every day of the month.
Financial Budgeting, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Aircraft Records Management: Including operational reports, maintenance, and regulatory compliance
  • Accurate Financial Budgeting, forecasts and honest upfront explanations of deviations.
  • Acquisition and Sales consulting and brokerage of Aircraft.
Operations Management
  • Operational Preparedness: process all operational items including, writing and seeking FAA approvals, MEL manual, RVSM certification and aircraft registration
  • Flight Crew Placement: Our network of experienced pilots and crew members will be hand-selected to compliment your aircraft operations.
  • Flight Planning & Scheduling: You choose when and where, we take care of the rest
  • Providing negotiated rates and discounts across the country with our network of aviation services to our aircraft owners.
Maintenance Management

With over 40 years of experience in our Aircraft Maintenance department, Wing Aviation, Inc. manages a customized maintenance forecasting and tracking program for each of our operated aircraft. We are able to provide our aircraft owners an annual maintenance schedule and budget. This budget provides the aircraft owner with not only maximum availability of the aircraft, but better forecasts any annual maintenance expenses. Our maintenance manager and team of experienced technicians work together to address any service concerns, small or large, and make optimal use of the down time for every aircraft. Our established vendor relationships and network of parts/logistics support enables us to perform maintenance on a full complement of general aviation and corporate aircraft. We take great pride in our maintenance performance which translate into 99% aircraft reliability.