Co-Owner Management

Co-ownership cuts acquisition and fixed costs by as much as one half or one third, enabling owners to purchase and operate their ideal aircraft at a cost their CFOs will readily support. Our turnkey program offers a comprehensive co-ownership solution with the financial, legal and tax autonomy that buyers should require. Wing Aviation, Inc’s management has provided aircraft owners with the best aviation asset management for over 40 years. Our aircraft owners have had complete peace of mind and a positive, seamless experience:

Wing Aviation Co-Ownership Program includes:
  • Vetted partner options with geographical and use match
  • Aircraft availability rivaling sole ownership
  • One Half or One Third Ownership.
  • Ownership structure with total tax autonomy
  • Proprietary Wing Aviation, Inc. Co-Owner Agreement that mitigates DIY partnership risks
  • Charter Revenue to further reduce Co-Owners costs
  • Crew/Hiring and Asset Management service provided
  • Aircraft acquisition counsel and support
  • Predictable maintenance costs
  • Legal and Tax counsel with extensive aviation expertise