Light Jets

Passenger Capacity: 6 – 7
Range 2.5 – 3 Hours
Popular Aircraft: Hawker 400XP, Phenom 300 and Learjet 75

Light Jet CategorySmall, Fast, and Economical
Short Overview

The Light Jet is the smallest category of four when it comes to private jet travel. Designed specifically to get you from point A to point B, (Fast) these airplanes can comfortably seat 2-4 individuals, with a maximum capacity of 8 seats.

Aircraft range can vary between 2.5 – 3.5 flight hours, depending on the number of passengers, weather, and wind. When you get into your seat, get comfortable because these planes are fast and will get you quickly to your destination.

Most aircrafts include complimentary Wi-Fi and a fully enclosed lavatory, so you can most certainly use the bathroom during the flight, but be prepared to watch your head— tight quarters!

Pricing for charter typically starts around $4,500.00/hr. (before FET). Of course, that can change depending on your flight requirements, availability, and your location. Our Jet Card pricing starts at $4,995.00/hr. which will provide you a Light Jet, worry free.

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