Super Medium Jets

Passenger Capacity: 9
Range: 6 Hours
Popular Aicraft: Citation X/Sovereign, Challenger 300/350, Falcon 50/50EX

Super Medium Jet CategoryFinally a flat floor and some speed.
Short Overview

The Super Medium category introduces the ability to go nonstop cross country, a wide body flat floor cabin and the fastest business jet available for charter, the Citation X.

Made popular by manufacturers such as Cessna, Bombardier and Dassault, the Citation X, Challenger 300/350 and Falcon are the primary users within this category.  The Super Medium category puts a primary focus on performance, specifically speed and range.

Having the ability to fly in excess of 5 hours, with a full load of passengers and luggage, this category can comfortably seat 9 passengers.  Qualities such as a third engine, in the popular Falcon 50EX, provide enhanced short field runway performance and the ability to maneuver around bad weather.

While most aircraft include Complimentary Wi-Fi and have the room to accomodate a cabin attendant, one is not mandatory.


Our network of Super Medium aircraft here in the domestic US is made up predominantly of the Citation X, Challenger 300/350 and Falcon 50EX.

Charter pricing starts around $7,000.00/hr. dependent upon availability and routing, for our members that a Super Medium is a must have guaranteed, our pricing starts at $7,795.00/hr.

Top Gun!

When often asked to compare the Citation X and Citation Sovereign, we often reference the 1986 action packed film, Top Gun!

The primary aircraft noted in the movie is the F-14 Tomcat, which perfectly highlights swept vs. unswept wings.  The Citation X is fast, flying close to Mach One and it can do so because it has swept wings.  On the contrary, as noted in the movie when the F-14 is landing on the aircraft carrier, the wings are straight out, like the Citation Sovereign.  While the Sovereign sacrifices speed, it can land at any short runway.

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